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07 June 2014 @ 01:09 am
Let me just say I don't think a fandom has ever had to work so hard for a trailer before!  

Get this, you guys.

The Official Teen Wolf Twitter Account Posted the following: who is the benefactor?

Intriguing, yes? Then the link to the website of Who is the Benefactor? was found. - Go on, click it. See where it takes you. So as you can see, 16 passwords in the correct order must be entered in order to get access to the Season 4 trailer.

Where to find these words, you ask?

1. The code source of the website gave us an email address (zkrlvwkhehqhidfwru@hotmail.com) and if you sent an email, you got the following cryptic message:

It’s been a lovely vacation.
Going to be sad to come home.
Leaving this place will be very hard.
Especially without you.
Sacrifices must be made.
In this case, I can’t go back.
All is well, see you on the 23rd.

The letters of every line spell “iglesia” which is spanish for church. - And we know the cast shot the first bit of the season in Mexico, so we think that's something.

2. The MTV Snapchat posted these three emoticons - We can only assume that three of the sixteen words are fox, spiral, moon.

3. From Morgan Evan’s twitter coordinates provided us with 31.957652, 35.944579 - Jordan or Amman?

4. The Teen Wolf Tumblr posted this lovely pic - We assume Yellow is another word.

5. Tyler Posey's description was the one that was highlighted with certain letters standing out randomly. - We assume the word is Satomi. It might also be a astomi

6. And finally the MTV twitter account put out something in freakin' morse code!!! That's right.

…- .. —- .-.. . -:

Which people have figured out to be violet.

7. Arden Cho just posted this as a clue: GSVINLDRIV

No one knows what that means...

I mean... WHAT THE HELL?!? I'm intrigued, excited and really annoyed. This is a brilliant campaign and I hate them for it! *pout*

So you can just imagine what the Teen Wolf fandom is like right now...